This blue hannya is a coverup effort by Shawn Horiyama.. I must say that I personally love this piece, everything is so in place,absolutely stunning colors annd layout. Great stuff once again by Shawn!

okok.. dont complain that you guys havent heard any news from GIMMELOVE 2 , pics below courtest from our very own Mudohori!!

skully time for Eric.. still as hardworking as ever.. seems like he is the one with the most updates... gambatte !

I decided to update some of my stuff now.Since i am the one thats blogging, it will be quite funny if i type in wierd description.. so i will just keep it simple.old skool childhood metal robot is for lil Marc. and cover up of the face is on Isaac, cover up on the neck is on the bengest guy that i ever known Yifeng.i promise more works next week, probably bigger stuff that you guys used to see.ciao.

I really think that we will be tattooing A lot of guys from Universal Studio Crew of Singapore.. Baldwin pulled off the the Red DRAGON on one of them..
Shawn is dying to have his works updated.. Neat paper fan on our very own Cindy.. and the world deadliest octopus on the crew of Universal Studio Singapore!! Think twice bout Takoyaki guys.. this is definitely not your regular serving of sashimi!

Guys ! If you happen to see our first mascot car running around in town, please give it a friendly wave. Thanks to Jason, it seems that he really fell in love with Gimmelove.. Tiill the extend that he felt the need to decorate his souped up Toyota Bb with our shop motif.. erm, can you see the rear while reversing?? As you guys can see in the pic, Eric is posing next to Jason's car as a racequeen/raceking/racetranny?.. I suggest you keep your job as a tattoo artist, dont think you can go far in the modelling scene. Pics below will definitely prove my words, Oriental Lion head and smokey Tibetan kapala courtesy from our very own racequeen Eric san.

A character that seem to be lifted off a page from the japanese mythological story book, a kung fu kitsune clad in traditional japanese costume.. made me think bout kungfu hustle for awhile, except that Stephen Chow is being replaced by a mean looking dual-tailed kitsune.Baldwin save the day ... yet again.

Full calf wrap Koi by our dearest Cindyrella.. Well, I really think that Cindy is indeed giving other male tattoo artists a serious run for their money, is there anything that she cant do?Geez..

Baldwin's update!

Dragons, Tigers, Koi, etc.. Indeed the highlight of the day.. check them out !

The ever-productive Eric, , how can we ever do without you? May god bless you, pass your ippt ..Tattoo fans of Eric, the following pics will satisfy your thirst for his works.