Updates from Dunlop Street Gimmelove!! Some pictures to keep you guys updated over the week. I will update mine later too!! Stay tuned.


Eric's updates... really beautiful and outstanding works.

Eric is contactable @ 94380436.

Here are Darren's update. So cool ass new skool stuffs and a kick ass dragon!!!

Darren is contactable @ 97989755.

Sean's updates from GimmeLove1@40b Sago street

Below are three original paintings done by Sean using a mixture of both digital and oil...He's currently looking for interested parties to have any one of these painting to be transferred on to skin...Interested parties pls email him at sean_hotmail@hotmail.com or ring him up at +65-84844838! Hurry before its gone!!!

Updates!!! Here is a recently finished piece on Lawrence. On the other side of his leg is the cover up with another koi that i done weeks ago. Koi fishes... I like!

Jeremy's backpiece. We should be completing the background soon, i hope. Stay tuned...

A koi fish again. Cover up of a old tribal on his arm.

Calvin thigh piece. Snake with flowers. More snakes!!

Ok... i done for this week. I will update Eric's and Darren's recent work really soon. Do check back!


Augustine's update from Dunlop

oh, btw, I am on facebook... finally, add me at insaneskinart@yahoo.com, thanks.

Ian Francis updates from Gimmelove1 @ 40b Sago Street

Ian has been working and drinking hard with me since he joined us last month and below are some pics to prove it! (not the drinking part though) Life at Gimmelove1 couldn't been better ever since Ian, Sean and Yin joined me and cindy! So much fun, chemistry and inspirations in the studio now that i can't even find any excuses to turn up late! Check out Ian's recently completed amazing b/g back piece in his own very style below and not to forget his beautiful rendition of our very own Singapore's icon, the merlion! For appointments, pls contact Ian at +65-90026234! Enjoy!


Sean's updates from GimmeLove1@40b Sago street

Below are some pieces that Sean did after he joined us at GimmeLove. Check out his amazing colour works that leaves mi speechless everytime i went out of my room to check out what the other guys are working on. Anybody interested in his kind of style of colour works, pls call or sms him at +64-84844838 for appointments now!!! You will not regret it! Enjoy the pictures below!


Gabriel & Eric's updates!!!

Here are more in-progress work i am working on lately. I really like this Ganesha alot! We will be extending it till the legs and then the front. I hope the it doesn't kill him!
Thank you Fabian!!! Hoho...

Weihao's 3/4 sleeve. We finally started on coloring. Check back for more updates.

Koi fish i started in Buntland Ink, Monchengladbach. Should be finishing it in April. Enjoy!

Lawrence's calf. Something interesting to do!!! Enjoyed it!



Eric's Update!!!
So updates from Eric. He has been doing lotsa realistic style tattoos lately and they just look freaking awesome. Enjoy!

Yin's updates from GimmeLove1 @ 40b Sago Street

Here's a few updates on what Yin is working on recently...As always, Nice, clean and neat pieces and not to forget, he works fast!!! Enjoy the pics below and hope you guys enjoy it as much as i do!

Hey guys, some of my recent updates. I did this on Bernhard from Happy Needles Vienna/XXX Tattoos Salzburg. We should be completing this in April/May when i'm in Europe once again. Looking forward!!!

This is on Solomon. A few more sittings and we are done! There are more to be update. Will have to sort them out meanwhile.
I am contactable 93388479 or inkedz@hotmail.com if you would like to get something done by me.