Updates by Gabriel and Eric Gimmelove2 @ Dunlop.

Aww, look at these really awesome work Eric has done when we were at Brussels Tattoo Convention and 2 guestspots in Germany with me. We were having lotsa fun in Inky und Stretchy and Buntland Tattoo and Galleria. We are so gonna be back there in a few months for a couple of conventions like 2nd Tattoo Ink Explosion and Frankfurt Tattoo Convention.

I really like Eric's work. Getting too scary!!!
Enjoy! More to come!


Some recent work by me!!! Enjoy too!
A fishing year for me! Lotsa Koi's to tattoo... Cheers!


Ian Francis updates from Gimmelove1 @ 40b Sago Street

Having Ian with us is definitely a joy for us as he's such a joy to work alongside with and the vibes at Studio 1 couldn't get any better than this! Check out his recently new works below! On a side note, on behalf of the whole of GimmeLove's Crew, I would like to wish all our friends, families and readers a Merry Christmas and a happy upcoming new year! Be safe n stay happy always guys!


Updates by Gabriel Gimmelove2 @ Dunlop.

Here are some picture's of what i did during my guestspot in Germany this time in Inky & Stretchy and Buntland Ink. They were such great hosts and nice people. Definatelty enjoyed my stay. We will definitely be back working during Mar-Apr 2011. We miss Germany!!!
Apologies that the updates came so late as we were also busy with lots of stuff during the Singapore Tattoo Art show that was a few days ago. Now that it is over, i finally have time to do some updates. Next to be updated will be Eric's beautiful works that he also did during our guest spot. Stay tuned!!!

*a good news to all peeps too.
to make things easier for all out there, we have new email address to sago and dunlop for easier access to us.

gimmelovesago@gmail.com (for gimme love 1 @ 40b sago street.)

gimmelovedunlop@gmail.com (for gimme love 2 @ 69a dunlop street.)

please kindly contact us via the respective emails if you are interested.


New addition to the Gimmelove Family!

Come 7th of dec 2010, which is today...An up and coming new talent, Ian Francis will officially join the crew and family of GimmeLove! He will be working at our 1st studio which is located at 40b Sago Street (Chinatown). On behalf of the whole of Gimmelove crew, we welcome him with all our loves! Its gonna be a blast having him around im sure! Party time Ian!!! Ian will be taking appointments right now! Pls give him a call at +65-90026234 for bookings! He does really neat, clean and niceb/g works by the way...check out his works below! More to come! Stay tuned for more of ian's updates!


Some Updates From Yin.

Hi peoples, Here are some updates from me. Check it out.

-Yin- :)