updates from GIMMELOVE2@DUNLOP!!

Blue Dragon by me, Augustine

updates from GIMMELOVE1@niven

a pair of crazy cats for a couple and a battleship on a bed of roses . all by Victor

updates from GIMMELOVE2@DUNLOP!!

Freehand coverup by Maori king Lionel! and just a random pic of new keychains in shop.. they actually moo and quack!

Augustine's update from Gimmelove2@Dunlop

Skull was done on Yin from KL, thanks for flying all the way down, and thanks for your help! Full sleeve to be continued when you return in mid sept.And the half hannya and Purple peony is on my first bodysuit customer,Bert, extension to a 3/4 sleeve.If you guys remembered , the yellow skull with red rays is on him too!

updates from GIMMELOVE1@niven

New skool stuff by Victor.

Black and grey flower and negative tribal by Yen.

shawn's update.

Shawn gave us another lethal blue ringed octopus, this time round, equipped with Japanese mikiri.. whole tattoo oozing with different feel. definitely one of a kind!

Hot thai chick tattoo

updates from GIMMELOVE2@DUNLOP!!

Pair of Birdies by June,

Flash work by Zhixian.

Eric's update from Gimmelove 2 @Dunlop!!

Ok, Eric's been REALLY BUSY.. check out the evidence..coverup of a black balloon with a raven beautifully done! next.. will anyone tattoo seafood on themselves?? answer is Yes!! Mother Mary and Japanese Mikiri all by Eric too..

updates from GIMMELOVE1@niven

Optimus Prime!!! by Baldwin,and the awesome throat piece freehanded by Mudo Sam..Killer pieces!! woofooo

Sabah pics up

Here is some pics of our Sabah trip as promised. Seen in the group pic below,is our host of the trip Adrian from 76th street tattoo,first I would like to really thank him for his wonderful hospitality, Never have I felt this kind of friendliness from a new friend , thank you so much.And yes, we did 2 tattoos during the hols. The Iban inspired design was pulled off by Shawn, totally freehanded, and did i mention that its a cover up?? Sitting in the chair is non other then Mr Edmund Fung, a celebrity model in Kota Kinabalu.Further down you see a thigh piece of Lotus, this is a collaboration by all 4 of us. Kudos to Sharon Liew for being such a good sitter for this 5 hrs tattoo, I guess the rest of the colours have to be done by Adrian. You can do it!Once again , I would like to thank everyone for making this trip such a wonderful one. Looking forward to see you guys again! Get well soon for your ligament injury Adrian.

updates from GIMMELOVE1@niven

Hi Guys, I am back back from Sabah and back to work again.. updating the blog is part of my job, so here goes this wonderful rib piece by Baldwin.. Peonies and butterflies.. how nice can it get??.
ps:next update will be our pics and stuffs from Sabah.. gotta wait for Gabriel to send me the pics. Byez.