Some updates by me! I just had the time to sort some pictures out, apologise for that. Do enjoy! If you like something done, i am contactable via mobile +65 93388479 or email

Weihao's 3/4 Sleeve. The shading is all done up... Gonna start on the colors soon!

Jay! He did 2 thighs in a short time. Respect him! My MOST CONSISTENT customer!!!
Sorry for the dragon, it was taken by my mobile...

Lastly, this customer was flew in from somewhere to get a cover up. Was finished in 2 weeks. Thank you Lawrence. We will see us real soon again! :)


Cindy's updates from Gimmelove1 @ 40b Sago Street

Despite taking a super long break from tattooing, Cindy improved at such a tremendous speed that amazed all of us every single day! Here's the testament to my words...Be amazed...


Sam's updates from Gimmelove1 @ 40b Sago Street

Important news! Sam Mudohori will be leaving Singapore for Slovakia in December on a long term basis...So clients of Sam with incompelete pieces pls book your appointment with him now to finish up your tattoos if not u're gonna wait a long longggg time before he's back in Singapore again. So Call now (+65-84482936) before all his slots are gone as he's busy as hell trying to finish up all his in progress pieces...While slots last!!!


Shawn's updates from Gimmelove1 @ 40b Sago Street

Some recently compeleted pieces by Shawn...below clearly shows that he's versatile in any genre rather than just japanese style..Impressive works as usual...Enjoy...


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Gabriel's updates!!!

I was featured in a German Fashion/Music Rock Blog. It's in german actually but here are the translated version. Cool!! Thanks Flo! Do check them out!


Here are some updates by me. Enjoy...

Jeremy's backpiece in progress... Its gonna be extended till his butt and down to the legs. Can't wait!!!

Joey's hannya...

Eddie's full sleeve dragon. Its a cover up. :)


Eric's Updates and his 26th birthday wishes!!!

Here are Eric's new updates! As you see, it's so damn amazing and... scary!!! So if you like his style, give Eric a ring! You won't want to miss him as Eric and myself is going for a Europe trip again in November - Dec and Eric has a birthday wish this year too. He would like to tattoo on his 26th birthday which is on Wednesday 20th of Oct! What a workaholic!!! But, i like.

But it must be a tattoo of his own style/choice and size. Here are the details.
-the tattoo to be within 15cmx15cm
-the tattoo will cost 260 only, in regards to his 26th birthday. :)
-the tattoo theme will be black and grey and concept will be Eric's idea.

So customers of GimmeLove and Eric's, please contact him @ 94380436 if interested.

Happy Birthday, Gei Ya Li!


Dragon Tattoos Are Cool

Dragon Tattoos

Dragon Tattoos Are Cool

Dragon Tattoos

Gabriel's Update @ 69a Dunlop Street GimmeLove2

Here are my updates of the tattoos i did recently. Sorry for not updating frequently enough as i was very busy with work stuff blah blah.. I will try to upload more frequently if possible.

2 completed tattoos, enjoy!

Solomon's back!!! We have come so far!!

Here comes Alvin's in progress rib piece , still a long long way to go!!!

Sam's Foo Dog... I reckon we should be able to finish it soon!

Felix's cover up! I'm liking the colors!!!

Jervis's sleeve... Never ending sleeve...


Top Female Sleeve Tattoo Designs Female Sleeve Tattoo Designs
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The Sexiest Female Tattoo Designs and Locations Sexiest Female Tattoo Designs and Locations
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Darrens and Eric's update from Gimmelove 2 @ Dunlop

Here are updates from Darren/Zhixian. He put's in 101% of his time and effort on all tattoo he does! No doubts on that! Respect!

Here comes Eric's in-progress pictures. Marvelous!!! All back pieces!!! Nice one Eric!