Updates by Gabriel!!

Hey hey ho, updates again. In like another 3 weeks or so, Eric and i will be travelling to Europe once again. Augustine will also be in Europe. Will have to ask him to update his travel dates asap.

Some updates on Jeremy's back. This young dude can really sit long and still.

Koi fish, AGAIN! But i like.

Yonghao's arm. Soon to be completed!

Ben's Koi fish. It's done up and he will be back to do a continuation to his chest. Can't wait.
Here are the dates again, just in case some of you guys miss it.

-please write me if you have any queries.
+65 93388479


Ian Francis updates from Gimmelove1 @ 40b Sago Street

Below are some new pieces by ian n a couple of sketches for his upcoming pieces...Super clean n neat works as usual...If you're a fan of b/g tattoos, look no further as he will provide you with the most original n ideal b/g work that one could possibly asked for. Enjoy the pictures below...Oh and if you guys would like to book an appointment with Ian, pls contact him either by phone or email at +65-90026234 / emntattoos@hotmail.com.


Updates by Gabriel!!

Here are some of my updates i've done over the month. The past few weeks has been rather busy and hectic for me. In April, Eric and i will be going to Europe again. Below are the information on the dates we will be away working. We gonna miss everyone...

8th - 10th Apr
Tattoo Ink Explosion 2011 Monchengladbach Germany

11th - 14th Apr
Buntland Ink & Gallery Monchengladbach Germany

15th - 17th Apr
Frankfurt Tattoo Convention, Germany

18th - 24th Apr
Inky und Stretchy, Germany

25th-28th Apr 2011
Buntland Ink & Gallery Monchengladbach Germany

29th Apr - 1st May 2011
Oslo Tattoo Convention

6th -8th May 2011
Roma Tattoo Expo

Jianda's inner arm. Colors turned out nice. I like...

Calvin's thigh piece. Last sitting to go...

Sheng's calf dragon koi. 2nd sitting

Weihao's sleeve. 1-2 more sittings...

Last sitting to go for Felix...

Last but not least,
Fabian's Ganesha!!! Started coloring...

Gabriel 93388479

Updates by Eric and Darren Xian

Heyho guys, some updates by Eric and Darren from Dunlop Street. Enjoy!

Eric's archangel chest piece... cool shaite!

Eric can be reached at 94380436 or via email eric_satan666@hotmail.com


Darren's 3/4 new skool sleeve. Vibrant colors!!
He is contactable at 97989755 / findzhixian@hotmail.com