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Getting a tattoo for a woman's tastes is to easy, 
because I have seen it too many times in my life, 
which holds especially true if you want quality artwork.

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Lizard tattoo nice for women

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lizard tattoo design for girlsLizards have been a part of the folklore and legends in all of Polynesia, Mediterranean and Americas. Lizard tattoo designs have been quite popular with both the genders alike.

There are a lot of designs available when you are looking to get a lizard tattoo done. The most sought after designs are Gecko lizard tattoo and Iguana lizard tattoo. Different cultures at different times have regarded lizards with various symbolic ideas. Most widely believed is the theory that lizard tattoo symbolizes protection and soul searching for light.

Apart from that the lizard tattoo is very adaptable as the design is not constrained by space. It can fit into large as well as small areas. You can get a lizard tattoo done on ur arms, upper back, lower back or even on the legs.

Water tattoos-Swim your way to style

water tattoo design imageswater tattoo design pictureWater tattoos, or tattoo designs where water is a predominant feature are famous from old times and very popular across tattoo makers all across the globe. Water is generally associated with calmness, serenity and infinity.

But, like fire, it can even be destructive and chaotic. It is this charm of water as an element that has made people go crazy about water tattoo designs. Sometimes it is used to depict the sheer power that it carries in the disguise of its depths. Moreover, folks and legends relating to water have been forever existent.

When choosing to go for a water tattoo you could go in for the basic design like showing the waves or you could be more creative and choose a water based theme.

Tribal Butterfly Tattoos

Tribal Butterfly Tattoos
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Tribal butterfly tattoos are, in fact, a rejuvenation of the simple butterfly tattoo with its hidden meanings of hope, diligence, new life, transformation, resurrection, rebirth, and passion in a way the tribal art form injects in.

Tribal butterfly tattoo insists women, who love to have passion, romance, aggrandizement, friendliness, sex, and love, to take one step further and have them on the different parts of their bodies to flaunt with.

Men, still, love to have them just because of the presence of softness-married-with-ruff-and-tuff features it holds. In black and in several flat colors,

Men, still, love to have them just because of the presence of softness-married-with-ruff-and-tuff features it holds. In black and in several flat colors,

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Design Tattoo Tribal Celtic  art collection

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Abstract Tattoos Exploring the Great Abstract Designs of Tattoos For You

If until now, choosing the most appropriate tattoo design for you remains a mind-boggling task, then it would be best if you could check out the available websites online that could provide you with thousands and thousands of tattoo designs for your choosing. Should you not have decided on a particular tattoo design yet, all you need to do is go to your nearest local tattoo parlor, or better yet, check out the various tattoo galleries in the Internet. You will be surprised to find out that there are actually boatloads of designs that you can get access to including that of the abstract tattoos. Here are some of the other things you need to know regarding these kinds of tattoos should you not be aware of them until now:

1. Visit Your Local Tattoo Artist

Ask your local tattoo artist for the best choices when it comes to finding the perfect colors and sizes of your abstract tattoos. Also, know that an abstract tattoo can actually be considered as a tribal tattoo. However, you should also be able to tell the difference between an abstract tattoo and a traditional tribal tattoo or those tattoos that became well-known during the earlier times when there were a lot of tribal communities existing. This will avoid confusion when saying you prefer tribal tattoo designs. Because chances are, the artist might put some of those traditional tribal tattoos on you.

2. Modern Abstract Tattoos As Body Art
While the customary abstract tattoos were basically used for identification purposes, or to tell about one's life story, or to emphasize the leadership prowess of an individual, the new and up-to-date abstract tattoos are geared more towards using them as a work of art. They may even vary from being simple works of art to truly advanced masterpieces of body art.

3. Triquetra Abstract Design
Look for a tattoo gallery that is sure to offer you the most excellent supplies designs as well as the finest supplies. Try surfing through the various tattoo art collections you will find in the Internet. You will be surprised to see that there are actually a lot of tattoo galleries that can offer you a wide range of abstract designs. Try looking at the triquetra design which is a symbol that comes with three crisscrossing egg shapes that are combined together to make a triangle.

What is more, the triquetra abstract design is also believed to originate from the Celtic civilization so you can just imagine how far such abstract tattoo designs can be traced back. They were actually found in the premature Germanic currencies as well as the well-known rune stones from Northern Europe. From these alone, you will already know that such kinds of tattoos have already been accepted and well-loved by people of even the earlier times.

4. Religious Emblems As Abstract Designs
Other abstract designs that you can consider include those of the religious emblems that represent a particular religious group's beliefs and principles. They are more often than not, connected to Christianity in which such designs were perceived to be characteristic of the Holy Trinity as well.

Cross Tattoos Christian, Celtic, Tribal, and More Cross Tattoo Designs

Cross tattoo has been around for years and has never lost its appeal even up to the present day. The reason being is its universal meaning plus the powerful significance it can convey. It generally is a representation of one's spiritual beliefs and faith.

Aside from being a religious symbol, it is also use as in loving memory tattoo, also known as RIP tattoo. Sometimes, symbols like heart, banner and flowers are combined along with the name of the dead person and the death date. The cross is tattooed as a memory of a loved one who passed away as if serving as a gravestone on one's body.

This type of body art comes in many forms. It was a favorite among the old school type of tattoos patronized by bikers, seaman and merchants. It can be seen combined with other elements such as skull, star, flames, dagger, rose, heart and banner.

Celtic cross is another popular cross tat design which is a representation of Irish, Scottish or Welsh heritage. It is easily identifiable as it is interwoven with Celtic knot which is a symbol of the never ending cycle of life. Some tat enthusiasts also choose to incorporate tribal art into their tattoo design while some choose the Gothic style of cross tat.

The Christian cross tattoo is the most popular form that is meant to symbolize one's faith in God. It can be in the form of Latin cross (simple cross) or in the form of crucifix bearing Christ's image while he was being crucified. It can also be combined with other religious images such as the angel, the rosary, image of Mary and Jesus Christ.

The symbol of cross as a tat image is usually inked small, perhaps to retain the sincerity of their symbolism. It is usually seen on small parts of the body such as the ankle, foot, wrist, upper back and arm. Cross tattoo, with its wide appeal and holy implications will always remain as a tat image that will be around for more years to come.

The Beauty of Flower Tribal Tattoos

If you go back in history, you will have the evidences that points out to the long time existence of tattoos. The first evidence was discovered in Egypt. There is a strong belief that the trends had utilized by many ancient tribal people around the globe.

The tattoo body art was the stigma of strength, vitality and status in the name of beauty. There are some tribal casts who use tattoo to ward off evil spirit and they think it can cure diseases. The tribal soldier uses it to symbolizing their great courage and mighty strength.

Tribal tattoo designers make the design of flower, animal and religious symbols and tribal flower tattoos are great variation of art and it is being greatly used by worldwide tattoo lovers.

Tribal flower tattoos are one type of ancient tattoo that can make you feel the essence of great cultural heritage. There is huge number of people are recognizing the value of the its body art. The bold strokes and curve designs are the combination of beauty and strength but now it is blended with fashion factor. The unique shapes and colors of tribal flower tattoos can really make you one from others tattoos fan. Normally the basic idea of imprinting it is done on one arm or on the back. These types of tattoos are really sophisticated and traditional. Creativity is the perfect word which is intimated with the tribal flower tattoo.

In recent days tribal tattoos are executed and incorporated in different ways. Stark, black, arching lines and mirror-image patterns are the typical tribal tattoo patterns. Flowers are the most popular designs of it. Flower has become very popular and off course it is highly fashionable. There are lots of flower tribal tattoo designs and you can easily choose the perfect one for you.

You can search your favorite flower tattoo design in internet because there are lots of websites of tattoo makers and most of them provides their works portfolio on their website so you can easily select the best design. Rose, Lotus, Hibiscus, Daisy and Lily are the different types of flower tattoos. The artists have been paid special attention to the flower tribal tattoo so that then a normal shape of rose can be changed into different shapes and designs. No matter if you have a large flower tattoo on your back or small one on your feet but the only matter is how you are carrying this style.

Before going to tattooing your body it's very important to decide which type of design you want and if you have no particular design in your mind then it can take a bit of time. Drawing a customized tattoo can take a bit more time than other impression tattoos but these really look cool and it can give a great boost to your status. Unique tribal flower tattoo designs are very well known specially these design which wrap around your arms or back.

Temporary Tattoo Manufacturers - Looking For the "Best Price"

Selecting a temporary tattoo manufacturer can be daunting unless, of course, you know what to check. It's not just a matter of designs anymore. There are a lot of aspects to consider when it comes to temporary tattoos, and it can be misleading if you only look at price.

When checking out manufacturers, the first thing that you'll check is their portfolios. You'll take a look at the tattoo designs that they've done in the past. This can show you their experience in making temporary tattoos and will also give you a good idea on how your fake tattoos are going to look like quality-wise. You'll also check out the customer testimonials to see the experiences of people like you that dealt with them in the past. It can give you a clearer picture on how your experience is going to feel like. The whole package, web layout, previous work examples, customer testimonials, the ease with which you navigate their site can give you that intangible first impression which could make you keep looking for a manufacturer, or move to the next step with this one.

Once you have selected one of the manufacturers, you contact them and ask a lot of questions. Sizes, quantities, safety regulations, application and removal -all those subjects you need to know about. It will be a great gauge to check their overall knowledge of temporary tattoos, because you need them to know about their product more than you do. That's what you pay them for. You can also get a feel of how it's going to be like when you're dealing with them. There are times when you need to call or email them during the process and great customer service can help make it easier.

You then show the manufacturer the temporary tattoo designs that you have in mind and get a quote for them. This is where prices tend to confuse you. Let's say you get a quote for your fake tattoos and it's the most expensive quote that you've gotten. Does that mean they're the best in the market and they have the best equipment available? The temporary tattoo designs that you have in mind are not even that complex. So you're probably asking why the price is so high. Is it an assurance that you'll get the best quality with it?

On the other side of the coin, you get a very cheap quote. It's the cheapest that you got among the temporary tattoo manufacturers. The first thing that's going to come to mind is the tattoos will be cheap-looking as well. You think it's either they have very bad equipment or they're new in the business. Should you stop dealing with them and look for the more expensive option for assurance sake?

Cheap price doesn't always mean cheap quality. At the same time, expensive price doesn't always mean best quality. You have to look for the best price among the temporary tattoo manufacturers. This means the best value for money for your temporary tattoos. The best thing that you can do is to talk to the manufacturer and ask him why the price is that way. Ask him what you can expect. There's a reason why you chose to show your temporary tattoo designs to him. It's because you think he's good at what he promises to do. So ask away. It's just a matter of understanding what you're going to be paying for.

Cute Tattoo Designs for Women and Where to Get the Best Ones

The whole field of tattoos for women is growing at a tremendous rate. If you think back even 20 years ago tattoos for women were not all that popular and most of the women getting them were keeping them covered up. However times have definitely changed and tattoo designs have really advanced at a tremendous rate. Today's tattoo have more brilliant colors and are a far cry from your grandfathers Hawaiian girl tattoo on his forearm.

It used to be that women would get an occasional rose or name tattoos on their breast or some well hidden spot. However with current fashion trends there are tons of cute tattoo designs for women out there are women are now getting tattoos at an amazing rate.

Women's tattoo designs and placement have also changed with this new growth. No longer are women getting simple tattoos that they keep well hidden. Women are now getting cute tattoo designs done and placing them in more visible places.

Some of the most popular items to get tattoos of are:

1. Shooting Star Tattoos

2. Butterfly Tattoos

3. Unicorn Tattoos

4. Angel Tattoos

5. Fairy Tattoos

6. Dragonfly tattoos

7. Flower design tattoos

The most popular places for women to get tattoos done are:

1. lower back tattoo (especially popular recently with the whole hip hugger jeans)

2. ankle tattoos

3. front side of the hips (again hip hugger jeans have made this more popular)

4. butt cheek left or right

5. Belly button area

Another thing that this trend of women getting tattoos is that women often seek out custom tattoo designs. They don't go to the local parlor and just by a tattoo flash design that is on display there. Women seem to spend a great deal more time contemplating the tattoos that they want done and tend to have more requirements about what they want. Therefore women tend to get custom tattoo designs. This allows them to get the exact look and feel they want and a custom designed tattoo is also fit to the location on the persons body so that it fits well.

Chris is an avid tattoo enthusiast, as well as an observer and writer of the tattoo scene. He has run numerous tattoo related website business in the past. However, now he provides great tattoo information in the form of articles and web pages for everyone to enjoy free. Check out this page for more on tattoo sleeve designs, or here for awesome Free Star Tattoo Designs.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs & Their Meanings

You see cherry blossom tattoos on many women these days as these such designs have grown in popularity among tattoo aficionados and first timers alike. This rush for distinct tattoos of cherry blossoms has given rise to a great interest in the meaning and symbolism of the cherry blossom in both the Chinese and Japanese cultures.

Since tattoos are very personal things, they can say a lot about a person so getting the right tattoo for the right reason is important. Since cherry blossoms mean different things in Chinese and Japanese society you should be aware that peoples of those backgrounds might react quite differently when they see it.

Cherry Blossoms In China

The Chinese see the cherry blossom as a symbol of power, particularly of the dominance of the feminine persona. This could mean a blossom tattoo is ideal for you if you are a strong willed woman who values her liberty and freedom or if you have recently come out of a difficult relationship.

It also stands for love if you are coming from the herbal lore approach.

Cherry Blossoms In Japan

In Japanese culture there is often a link between the blossoming of cherry tress and the Buddhist concept of "mono no aware" which refers to the reverence for life, the transience of being and the sadness at the passing of things. This is because cherry blossoms only appear on tress for short times before they fall to the ground.

This association with mortality is highly symbolic in Japan and has been used in traditional art there for many centuries along with more recent manga or anime. This link may however make a tattoo of cherry blossoms unsuitable for some. Alternatively, it may give you renewed appreciation for the fragility of life and help you make the most of your brief time on this Earth, while bringing you a different perspective on the hard times you may face; knowing that they will not last forever.

Getting A True Reflection Of Cherry Blossom In Your Tattoo

While it is true that there are many different varieties of cherry blossom, many people do not appreciate just how different looking they can be. In fact, the most common cherry tree in Japan is Somei Yoshino which has largely white blossom with only the faintest hint of pink on the petals.

Other popular choices do have very much more pink in their blossom and it is these that you will more commonly see as tattoos. But still, this is something you will have to think about when getting your tattoo. You should do some research, find pictures of tattoos other people have had and decide which you prefer. It might depend on your skin tone; those with pale skin will definitely want a more pink design whereas tanned or olive skinned people should think about paler pink or white flowers in their designs.

You should also think about how much of the branch to integrate into the overall tattoo design. Realism would dictate that you have a fair bit of branch with flowers clumped together along it but it will probably come down to both personal taste and where you intend the tattoo to be.

Getting Your Tattoo Done

If you have decided upon a tattoo incorporating cherry blossoms you should be very selective over whom you get to apply the design to your skin. Japanese art is very intricate as is the cherry tree itself so you need somebody who has experience in this type of tattoo. Make sure you talk over with them exactly what you want and don't be afraid to ask for amendments to their initial drawings so that the finished article is something you are happy to live with for the rest of your life.

So there you have it, I hope this overview of the meaning and symbolism of the cherry tree blossom has been useful in making up your mind about that tattoo you've been after.

Steve Waller has been a tattoo fan for years. Check out this brand new way to find cherry blossom tattoo designs online that you can print off and take along to any tattoo artist in your area.