Sean's updates from GimmeLove1@40b Sago street

Check out Sean's new amazing colour realism pieces! He is one of Singapore's most underrated tattoo artist to guys, do call or email him at +65-84844838 or if you guys like his style of work and would like to get a piece done by him. The end result will be so much more than what you'll expect...


Baldwin Horikawa's updates from GimmeLove1 @ 40b Sago Street

On behalf of all our GimmeLove crew, i would like to wish all our families, friends and readers a wonderful and prosperous rabbit year ahead! Been a while since i've last posted anything so here it is...Some pieces that im working on recently...Thanks to my group of really dedicated and determined clients that i always had lots of fun working on them...Hope you guys enjoy the pics below...On a sidenote..our website is undergoing some major changes now so do check back for the newly revamped site sometimes next week!

Do call or email me at +65-98463142 / for appointments!

Hello folks, here are some updates i did over the week.
Jeremy's Hannya!

Ben's Koi. One more sitting then we are done! Will be adding more stuffs in as he decided to get the whole panel done up.

Calvin's thigh piece in progress. One more sitting or so. Cheers. Will update soon again for the rest. Have a great week ahead!

-Gabriel (93388479)

updates from 69Dunlop St, Gimmelovetattoo2

Some in progress pieces and a cover up of a old scorpio sign below. I dont have the before picture by the way. Below are Eric's and Darren's updates. Enjoy!!! If interested, please check on the artist's contact on the right side of the webby or email or

we will respond back to you in the as quickly as we could.

Have a great CHINESE NEW YEAR ahead.


Eric's in progress pieces. Nice!

Some of Darren's in progress pieces. More to come so just stay tuned.