yet another dude from Universal studio Singapore got inked from Shawn..

Augustine's update

Augustine's oni on the psycho killer Joel.

couple of updates from Eric.. Dont worry , you will do fine in Toronto convention! 

Baldwin's update

aside from busy painting every now and then, baldwin is still tattooing as usual, here is his update.. Tora time!!

Sorry for delay in updating the blog.. been getting kinda lazy nowadays.But I guess its time for some updates, lest you guys think i 've been idling on my job.The ever cute PAPA SMURF and wicked Hannya by Baldwin. Kick ass chest and arm set by Eric ..Time for streetfighter now. ciao.

augustine 's update

Backpiece finally finished. Wearer is CUSTOMER Don.

eric's update

Eric's update. pics pics pics.

Hello once again, first of all i would like to apologise to blog bout my own stuff on Gimmelove 's page. I have been writing and posting so much here that I feel that this is my blog already. I want to thank everyone, Baldwin, Shawn, Eric,Alexx.Lionel,Ah Ma, Zhixuan,Victor, Sam, Yen,Cindy,Elise,Corrine,Gabriel and many many others for giving me a pleasant surprise for me .. A PS3 as my birthday present, complete with Street fighter 4.Really thank you guys for remembering my birthday, I FELT LOVE ok??even though my birthday is on Saturday, the early surprise made my week super nice , and I really appreciate you guys as my friends, and of cos not forgetting my dearest Vincent and Ellen darling for dropping by and getting something to eat from Tampines. a super nice choco mousse cake. I love every bits of it. Aiya, I just wanna tell you guys, I AM REALLY TURBO HAPPY, and I wish you guys be happy every single days of your life, stay healthy and live happy! I wish the same to myself. Gotta sign off now.

Augustine Nezumi Weibin the cute Caveman

Hi guys.. here is some of my own updates, the namakubi was somewhere in my cam, done years back on Alexx. and the Raijin is on a very special dude, Martin Kong Zhi Rong.. drummer of local band Caracal.. Overall, Martin is a gayish person, full of shit, you should see how he wept during his sessions. Weakling on overall.The Tengu backpiece iis on Ah Teck.ciao.