Gabriel's Update!

A wild boar tattoo. Was actually a cover up of a faded old tattoo. Fun subject!

Some dotty dotwork! Enjoy.


Augustine's update from Gimmelove2@Dunlop

Gerald's green dragon half panel.

jason's dragon koi(lower leg done) , upper thigh on the way.

coverup of old bengster centipede.

she told me it was a donut, but i cover it up.

Gabriel's Update!

Some oriental stuff by myself. Enjoy!

Eric's Update

Awesome tattoos done by Eric. Amazing!

Baldwin's Update at Gimmelove1 @ 29 Niven Rd

This beautiful oriental piece was done by Baldwin to cover up some old tattoos. Very nicely done! As usual, we ain't seeing ugly/old tattoos anymore! Thumbs up!


Yen's update!

Yen took tattooing to another whole new level. Great works!

Lionel's update!

Impressive colourwork by Lionel. More of his updates coming up!!!

Zhi Xian & June update!

Very nicely done up rose and a small tribal that needed a extension and was done freehanded. Simply awesome! By our lil Zhixian!

Wonderful oriental calf piece by June. Nice and beautiful! Check this out!