Baldwin's updates

a very beautiful sleeve by baldwin.. wonderful choice of colors..

Shawn's updates from GIMMELOVE1@NIVEN!

yet another dragon nicely executed by Shawn, this time round , its on Suanne!!

Super Import Nights

Yes,! Gimme Love will be at the Super Import Nights, the biggest car show of Singapore annually! Watch out for Gabriel, Eric and Victor from 18th Sept to 20th Sept at this event!! Live tattooing in a car show, definitely one of a kind experiences!For more details, please visit, see you guys there!

Augustine's update from Gimmelove2@Dunlop

Finally manage to complete this Oni on Khims thigh. a continuation to his front Dragon, part of the oni was freshly tattooed, so please bear with the bad quality pics.

shawn's update from Gimmelove1@ Niven

Shawn's did a beautiful calve piece on Ellen from states!! Great job done!

Augustine's update from Gimmelove2@Dunlop

Big boy Eric's got a new neck tattoo!! thanks for letting me have the honours of hurting you.ahahah..oh ya, its fully healed.

updates from GIMMELOVE2@DUNLOP!!

awesome tribal piece by Lionel!! Bird on chest by him too, done by rotary machine.Black panther by me and the last 2 black and grey piece by Mr Eric Ng.

updates from GIMMELOVE2@DUNLOP!!

Gabriel added the background and the peony to this old Hannya on a cool Aussie.Lotus on the back of the neck was brought to us by Eric.