Hello once again, first of all i would like to apologise to blog bout my own stuff on Gimmelove 's page. I have been writing and posting so much here that I feel that this is my blog already. I want to thank everyone, Baldwin, Shawn, Eric,Alexx.Lionel,Ah Ma, Zhixuan,Victor, Sam, Yen,Cindy,Elise,Corrine,Gabriel and many many others for giving me a pleasant surprise for me .. A PS3 as my birthday present, complete with Street fighter 4.Really thank you guys for remembering my birthday, I FELT LOVE ok??even though my birthday is on Saturday, the early surprise made my week super nice , and I really appreciate you guys as my friends, and of cos not forgetting my dearest Vincent and Ellen darling for dropping by and getting something to eat from Tampines. a super nice choco mousse cake. I love every bits of it. Aiya, I just wanna tell you guys, I AM REALLY TURBO HAPPY, and I wish you guys be happy every single days of your life, stay healthy and live happy! I wish the same to myself. Gotta sign off now.

Augustine Nezumi Weibin the cute Caveman