Sabah pics up

Here is some pics of our Sabah trip as promised. Seen in the group pic below,is our host of the trip Adrian from 76th street tattoo,first I would like to really thank him for his wonderful hospitality, Never have I felt this kind of friendliness from a new friend , thank you so much.And yes, we did 2 tattoos during the hols. The Iban inspired design was pulled off by Shawn, totally freehanded, and did i mention that its a cover up?? Sitting in the chair is non other then Mr Edmund Fung, a celebrity model in Kota Kinabalu.Further down you see a thigh piece of Lotus, this is a collaboration by all 4 of us. Kudos to Sharon Liew for being such a good sitter for this 5 hrs tattoo, I guess the rest of the colours have to be done by Adrian. You can do it!Once again , I would like to thank everyone for making this trip such a wonderful one. Looking forward to see you guys again! Get well soon for your ligament injury Adrian.