The Heart A Tattoo Design That Holds Our Soul

The heart tattoo is one of the most common and the most popular tattoo design. It symbolizes various things. A heart is generally a symbol of love but when associated with another image the symbol and meaning changes.

The heart tattoo is a very classic tattoo design. The heart, shaped as an inverted triangle is universally symbolizes the feminine. It is also a symbol of a romantic love. Heart tattoos have been popular since World War II where servicemen choose to have heart tattoos with banners as a token to their loved ones for accompanying them on perilous journeys and the constant reminder on what they are fighting for.

As a tattoo design adding a name of a person very close to you shows a tattoo icon. The heart is the very life force of all human kind. It is the source of truth, romance and love. Friendship and romantic bonds, courage and emotional expressions are also the embodiment of the heart.

The heart pierced with an arrow is symbol that love can be both pleasurable and painful. A broken heart shows that a person precious to you has been lost. It can also be a symbol of grief and sadness. A heart with a star represents happiness and favorable opportunities while a heart with wings is a representation of a free spirit. Heart with a dagger means betrayal and bravery. A hand holding a heart is a symbol of maternal and paternal love.

Heart tattoo design is popular both for men and women especially to those who are experiencing happiness and love. For women, the most common tattoo area for the heart is the chest while men usually placed them on the arms and often they associated it with dagger, sword and names of the person they love.

Truly, a heart can reveal a person's feelings and inner beings. It can also be the door to our very soul is considered as the center of intellect and intuition. The heart is considered timeless and will never fade when it comes to tattoo design because the people who have chosen it hold a very personal meaning and strong memories.