Tattoos of Crosses - Designing a Tattoo

Tattoos of crosses are some of my favorite tattoos and I'm sure I'm not alone. Many people these days have used this symbol as a tattoo design for many reasons. Some are used to identify with a faith or certain religion, while others simply like the designs of the cross. Personally, I like the design aspects of the cross in general.

Tattoos of Crosses can provide a great strength for people are religious. However, some religions Forbid any kind of tattoo and feel that it goes against their teachings. One verse in the Holy Bible, for Example, says that tattoos are not permissible and violate the rules set out by God himself. It can be found in Leviticus 19:28, which is part of the Torah (the 5 books written by Moses).

If you are into designing Tattoos of Crosses or designing tattoos in general, I've found it is one of the easier designs to make as far as skill goes. However it can take a long time to design one on your own without the use of a program or design gallery. I like the design galleries because it will create new ideas that you may not have thought of. Tattoo magazines also help with this.

One of the more common tattoos of crosses is the Gothic cross. Gothic tattoos often symbolize the ideals of the Gothic subculture which have become very popular in recent years. Besides the cross, these types of tattoos are often submerged in mystical and fantasy oriented themes. There are tons of different angles and ideas for tattoos just in this one category.

Often, other designs are incorporated into tattoos of crosses. This of course can lead to practically an unlimited choice of designs for your cross tattoo. These days you can do your own tattoo designs from the comfort of your own home. Sometimes just looking through a gallery can give you some great ideas, but I recommend only using galleries that have a good reputation as there are some that are just plain junk.

I've also seen people with tattoos of crosses that symbolized something that they had no intention of representing! Just think if you got a cross tattooed on your forearm and it was considered to be offensive to many people. Unless that was your intentions, you may be in for some unwanted attention.

I see this often, not only with tattoos of crosses, but with people using symbols or sayings in other languages that they are not educated in and man, what a tough mistake to recover from. You can always have it removed or covered up, but more on that later.

I also talk about doing the proper research when trying to find tattoos of crosses or any other design for that matter! If you don't research, plan and develop your tattoo design you may end up with something permanently on your body that you do not like. The other thing to consider is the artist who will be placing this permanent piece of artwork on your body.

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