Old English Lettering Tattoos

Old English Lettering Tattoos
Tattoos made with words or phrases rank among the most favored styles of modern tattooing. It could be a name, a quote, or an adage, and the Old English Lettering style adds mystery, panache, and artistic sophistication to tattoos inspired by that theme.

The font commonly known as Old English is more accurately termed blackletter, a 12th century European script which dominated western Europe up till the 17th century. Blackletter is also known as Gothic Script.

A very popular form of Old English Lettering tattoos involves the use of the calligraphic textualis font. This striking font tends to represent most people's conceptualization of Old English lettering, and was very dominant in its hand-written glory throughout the European Middle Ages.

Inscriptions in this lettering style are displayed today in places as diverse as churches, museums, and libraries. As tattoos on human bodies, they make a bold and trendy statement. The next step, once you've decided to get an Old English lettering tattoo, is to think carefully about what it will say - you want to make sure you get this right, since this is a long-term commitment.

You will also decide on the size of the tattoo. Bear in mind that because of the ornate lettering style, tattoo artists will need to make the letters slightly larger in size than most other forms of lettering, to capture intricate details of the fonts.