Baldwin's updates from GimmeLove 1 @ 40b Sago Street

Sorry guys its been a while since my last update...Been really busy with the moving and stuff. Now that everything is finally up and running, i will have more time to post works from my comrades from Shop 1 and i promise it will be on a very regular basis. So pls do drop by regularly for new updates n pop by our new studio and say hi if you guys are ever in the area!!!

I did this lobster-crayfish hybrid piece during my guestspot in Toronto @Exotix. Im so proud of Brandon as he sat so well for this single 8.5 hrs sitting. No moving or twitching at all. U're the Champ!

Next up is Ashley's thigh piece which i started more than 2 years ago during my trip to Hamilton, Ontario. We finally got the chance to finish it as shes back in Singapore for good this time round...Guess i'll see you very soon for the other side Ashley....Right? Lol