Dedicated to Lionel!

As of a couple of weeks back, Lionel will no longer be working with us as he felt that the time has come for him to move on in search of a new environment with new challenges. We, the whole of Gimmelove crew wishes him all the best and will miss him and his crazy antics badly! Although hes not working with us anymore, we will and always will be a family. Thanks for all the hardwork and effort since you've joined us and here's a toast for the good times and the occasional bad times bro! Lol For anybody who wants to get work done by Lionel, you guys can reach him at 97989766. Here's a couple of pics from his farewell dinner that we threw for him at his favourite steamboat place @Goldenmile... We only came to realise that Lionel only appeared in one pic throughout the entire dinner the next day. Thanks Eric(he was the photographer for the night)! Wanted to get a group pic with him after the dinner but plan failed as i suffered from a really bad gastric right after finishing our food and Augustine gotta drive me home as im on the verge of fainting ( face turned pale with cold sweat dripping as if i've just finished a champions league match). So here are the pics from that memorable day...Enjoy!

We miss u Lionel (aka the cling-wrap man) !