Eric's Updates and his 26th birthday wishes!!!

Here are Eric's new updates! As you see, it's so damn amazing and... scary!!! So if you like his style, give Eric a ring! You won't want to miss him as Eric and myself is going for a Europe trip again in November - Dec and Eric has a birthday wish this year too. He would like to tattoo on his 26th birthday which is on Wednesday 20th of Oct! What a workaholic!!! But, i like.

But it must be a tattoo of his own style/choice and size. Here are the details.
-the tattoo to be within 15cmx15cm
-the tattoo will cost 260 only, in regards to his 26th birthday. :)
-the tattoo theme will be black and grey and concept will be Eric's idea.

So customers of GimmeLove and Eric's, please contact him @ 94380436 if interested.

Happy Birthday, Gei Ya Li!