Baldwin Horikawa's updates from GimmeLove1 @ 40b Sago Street

I know its been a long time since i've updated my stuff...That is partly due to too much in progress pieces going on that i hardly had any completed pieces to post... Below are Espen's Snake and chrysanthemum calf piece that i completed a while ago... and below that are on my customer Kelvin whose originally wanted a simple black and grey crucified Jesus on his back but i suggested to him a more different and graphic approach to his idea inspired by this artist named Volko from BuenaVistaTattooClub in Germany. And not to forget to thank Elise for her help in the photoshop layout for this piece...Hope it turned out well as i dun normally does this kind of style and its my 1st attempt in something like that! Will update more of my in progress pieces soon to let u guys have an idea of what am i working on recently...Pls check back for more updates regularly!