Updates by Gabriel Gimmelove2 @ Dunlop.

Here are some picture's of what i did during my guestspot in Germany this time in Inky & Stretchy and Buntland Ink. They were such great hosts and nice people. Definatelty enjoyed my stay. We will definitely be back working during Mar-Apr 2011. We miss Germany!!!
Apologies that the updates came so late as we were also busy with lots of stuff during the Singapore Tattoo Art show that was a few days ago. Now that it is over, i finally have time to do some updates. Next to be updated will be Eric's beautiful works that he also did during our guest spot. Stay tuned!!!

*a good news to all peeps too.
to make things easier for all out there, we have new email address to sago and dunlop for easier access to us.

gimmelovesago@gmail.com (for gimme love 1 @ 40b sago street.)

gimmelovedunlop@gmail.com (for gimme love 2 @ 69a dunlop street.)

please kindly contact us via the respective emails if you are interested.