Updates by Gabriel!!

Here are some of my updates i've done over the month. The past few weeks has been rather busy and hectic for me. In April, Eric and i will be going to Europe again. Below are the information on the dates we will be away working. We gonna miss everyone...

8th - 10th Apr
Tattoo Ink Explosion 2011 Monchengladbach Germany

11th - 14th Apr
Buntland Ink & Gallery Monchengladbach Germany

15th - 17th Apr
Frankfurt Tattoo Convention, Germany

18th - 24th Apr
Inky und Stretchy, Germany

25th-28th Apr 2011
Buntland Ink & Gallery Monchengladbach Germany

29th Apr - 1st May 2011
Oslo Tattoo Convention

6th -8th May 2011
Roma Tattoo Expo

Jianda's inner arm. Colors turned out nice. I like...

Calvin's thigh piece. Last sitting to go...

Sheng's calf dragon koi. 2nd sitting

Weihao's sleeve. 1-2 more sittings...

Last sitting to go for Felix...

Last but not least,
Fabian's Ganesha!!! Started coloring...

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