Official news flash!!

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls.. Standby for official broadcast.Gimmelove Tattoo has added new crew to the exisiting 4 artists.. the latest addition are Horiyama Shawn, Victor, Eric and Cindy previously from Gate13 Tattoo studio, hereby we welcome them .With this new team addition , Gimmelove will also be opening Shop2 in the heart of Little India, 70 Dunlop Street, affectionately known as the Khao San Road of Singapore. The artists that will be letting go some iinking power in the most colorful and lively part of Singapore will be none other then Lionel, Victor and Yen, so tattoo fans of them can kindly dropby to see them after 14 Feb 2009!As for Horiyama , Eric and Cindy will be in Shop 1 , 29 Niven Road to continue their inking stint.Come in for free hugs and kisses! As for viewing for their works , kindly hang on to your seats for the moment, once I get my hands untied I will update on the artists' list, will be done in a jiffy I promise!